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Gpl Delphi!

Posted by Uberto Barbini on May 10, 2008

This is my plea to Embarcadero for Delphi future.

I’m not asking to release everything under GPL, only to release VCL and the as much as possible of the IDE under a dual license schema.

What is the biggest single problem for Delphi wide adoption today? In my opinion the lack of community. When I started to using Delphi, (Delphi 1.0 in 1995) there was a huge community from Turbo Pascal days, now that community of young passionate future developers has grow in professionals that spread the word of Delphi in every company they worked.

But if I look now to the main Italian Delphi newsgroups, they are frequented mostly by professionals, with everyday problems to solve. And that’s ok, but where is the future in this?

The words GPL has still a little of its marketing magic (and a very cheap one), so maybe it can attract again the kids, as I was in 1995 (ouch this hurts!).

I don’t think that in 2008 any serious firm could consider using a GPL product with the idea of breaking the license. And if they were ready to do it they surely won’t pay any license whatever.

As things are now, Delphi could have a not so bad future as niche product, but IMHO this is the only way to revive to ancient glorious days.

For a different opinion and much more details about the acquisition, I keep an eye on Marco Cantu’s Blog.


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Embarcadero Delphi

Posted by Uberto Barbini on May 8, 2008

As you may know, CodeGear, the company of the glorious Borland Delphi, is just been sold from Borland to Embarcadero for 23M USD.

Although I’m not doing any serious development in Delphi for at least 2-3 years, I’m still very fond of it. Anyway it never made for the “web 2.0” era of development.

Without a complete renewal and probably a dual license schema (like Qt) I don’t think it will ever manage to revives again.

My personal take is that this is its requiem, Embarcadero will further cut the developing and will replace it as a convenient db-related tool.

But I sincerely hope to be mistaken about it.

Good Luck Delphi!

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VirtualBox: the ultimate desktop WM?

Posted by Uberto Barbini on April 21, 2008

I’m not easily impressed by software products, but when I tried VirtualBox I was.

I need a windows enviroment for some graphic applications for my photos, alas there is no viable alternative (=time-effective) to closed products for raw pictures workflow at the moment.

So I decided to install a Virtual Machine running Windows inside my linuxbox (gentoo). I had heard of this VirtualBox and I wanted to try it against my necessity.

It’s also a nice use of that Win license I’m not using since I removed win from the pc.

I tried WMware, Qemu, Parallels before, so I’m not completely new the the concept of VirtualMachine.

VirtualBox is a new player, it’s almost completely open-source but you need the closed (but free for personal use) version if you want usb to work (I do).

I was surprised by it’s responsness, no visible lag in mouse moving, no visible slowdown in desktop graphic (I’m not interested in 3d anyway), only a little slowdown in hd performance. About the latter, maybe I should try to mount directly a partition on VirtualBox instead of the big file approach.

Moreover I’m impressed by the nice interface and about how much user-friendly a VM can be. Powerful as they were, WMware and Qemu are not easy to setup and tune. It took me 20 minutes (plus XP installation time) to setup a complete working enviroment on top of linux.

Actually I had everything but the sharing folder working in 5 minutes, it took to me some google searching to discover that on gentoo I had to merge it with the following use:

use additions emerge virtualbox-bin

and after sharing a host folder (mySharedFolderName) from the gui you need this command (from a Windows shell) to use it:

net use p: \\vboxsvr\mySharedFolderName

Then I defined a new usb rule for my devices and I started working on my trial version of Lightroom on Windows on Linux, without glitches. Amazing!

Btw, looking at the forums, seems that everybody is using VirtualBox to run some Adobe application on Linux… open source alternatives do exist, but they are so inferior from a photographer point of view (even an amatour one) that they’re not worth comparing at all.

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