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Embarcadero Delphi

Posted by Uberto Barbini on May 8, 2008

As you may know, CodeGear, the company of the glorious Borland Delphi, is just been sold from Borland to Embarcadero for 23M USD.

Although I’m not doing any serious development in Delphi for at least 2-3 years, I’m still very fond of it. Anyway it never made for the “web 2.0” era of development.

Without a complete renewal and probably a dual license schema (like Qt) I don’t think it will ever manage to revives again.

My personal take is that this is its requiem, Embarcadero will further cut the developing and will replace it as a convenient db-related tool.

But I sincerely hope to be mistaken about it.

Good Luck Delphi!


7 Responses to “Embarcadero Delphi”

  1. Hey Uberto!
    Very cool post and we absolutely understand. I’d say requiem is not the right song to sing at this point! We want to fan Delphi’s still brightly burning flames and grow it along with the other emerging products and technologies we see. We have no intent of somehow ‘smooshing’ these tools into our current demographic of database users. In fact, with CodeGear products now on board, the intent is to have distinct business units…e.g. CodeGear and DatabaseGear (we already bought the URL! http://www.databasegear.com/) where we empower developers and database developers alike to come to one place, a truly independent retailer of software developer productivity. It’s a s simple as that.

    Stay in the community!
    My best,


  2. Great news indeed!
    After so many “false restart” happened in these years I’ve still some reserves. But if I’ll be delight to able to work with Delphi again.
    So I’ll definitely keep my eye on you!

  3. Julian said

    I really hope this merge will bring Delphi back to what it was a few years ago – very stable product with enormous user base and very active communities – dedicated sites, news groups, component vendors, etc. Those were the days!

    I got so excited yesterday so i’ve launched my Delphi and started programming some things. Oh the joy 🙂 Please, don’t let such a product die.

  4. Actually I don’t think that the quality of latest Delphi is worse than the “storical” ones. The real problem today is the community. See also my latest post.

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