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Step2: decide the scope

Posted by Uberto Barbini on March 10, 2008

It has taken some time, but finally I decided which kind of site I want to create.

It’ll be an experiment, half on technology side and half on social-web side.

So for the technology I already made the main choices:

Django -> the more I’m using it the more I like it.

PostgreSQL -> Although I knew it, I was surprised at Fosdem to see which level of speed and reliability it has archived lately. I don’t need to use sqllite anymore for tests. At least for the moment.

Rest architecture -> I bought this book at Fosdem because I was intrigued by a (not so good) lecture on Rest. I’m still not sure if there is some value in being 100% RESTful, but definitely most of the suggestions are very good indeed.

Hijax -> Another book that changed the way in which I’ve been looking at Javascript.

As for the content side, I have almost chosen a name, following the immortal guidelines of “must be cheap, can be lame”.


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