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Let’s start with Django!

Posted by Uberto Barbini on February 20, 2008

Ok, guys I’m ready.

About two weeks ago I had a certain idea about a site, so I began to explore some cool ways to implement it.

Php? Naaah!

Grails, Rhino, Seaside? mmh… a bit too esoteric and not really appealing to me.

Java? mmh… maybe. But it would resemble actual work…

RubyOnRails? almost there but I’m still afraid of the dark side of Ror magic.

And while thinking this, I recalled a suggestion from a friend of mine (http://www.oluyede.org/blog/) and I gave a try to Django.

So far I’m in love with it. All the niceties of ROR without the dark arts part. Of course if you are able to read and enjoy The little LISPer you probably are much more intelligent than me.

Anyway, for the time being, django seems the Perfect Framework, written in the Perfect Language(TM).

Only time will tell…


2 Responses to “Let’s start with Django!”

  1. xpmatteo said

    Hi Uberto,

    your link to my “the little lisper” post is broken… but anyway it’s really not so difficult. Not more difficult than Sudoku 🙂 I miss the connection with Django and Rails though.

    I remember I saw the “snakes and rubies” video a long time ago, and I thought, this Django looks fine, but I *certainly* have only time and energy to focus on *one* web framework and that’s got to be Rails.

    I’m sorry you think Rails is full of dark magic. I think it’s magic of a good, i-can-see-the-trick sort. I guess it has to be my Rails presentation at the Milano xpug so long ago… bad teacher!

  2. uberto said

    Sorry for the delay… but I hadn’t figured out yet that comments are moderated.

    For me people who can understand *easily* your examples are apt to find RoR full of “i-can-see-the-trick” stuff. For me is dark magic.

    Anyway I like a lot of things in RoR, I just find Ruby a little too Perlesque for my taste and RoR conventions a bit too simplistic, but I know I can override them if only I were fluent in Ruby.

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